Episode 9 - The Replicators Are Broken

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  • Song Name: Episode 9 - The Replicators are Broken
  • Artist: Nerd Lunch
  • Album: Nerd Lunch
  • Year: 2011

On this week’s episode CT, Pax, and Jeeg embark on an excursion under the command of starship captain and pop culture blogger Jay Amabile of The Sexy Armpit blog. When a wormhole flings the ship across the galaxy and damages all systems, some hard choices have to be made. Jeeg can get the damaged food replicator back online, but with only 10 recipes. The guys have to come together to decide what will be on the menu for the next several decades and, to nobody’s surprise, it won’t be health food. Hopefully Jeeg can fix the Emergency Medical Hologram program next.